Enchanted April (directed by Normi Noël, written by Matthew Barber)

Based on the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim.

“Young, handsome and filled with disarming charm…Powers couldn’t be more effervescent yet wise beyond his years as the landlord.”—The News-Times

 “[A] truly remarkable cast…Powers [plays a] deeply affecting Wilding…” —The Berkshire Eagle

“Light, sprightly, and refreshing…with a nice turn by Seth Powers.” —The Boston Globe

“Seth Powers is romantic and appealing as Wilding, a true hero in the making.” —

“A superb cast of performers…Seth Powers finds the innocent charm of Anthony Wilding.” —The Record

with Corinna May

Earth in Trance (directed & created by Gerald Thomas)

Fabiana Gugli & the Swan
A play about an opera singer in her dressing room—while she slowly goes mad, she tells her life story to a swan who lives back stage. She never stops feeding the animal “for foie gras purposes.” This play was first presented in Brazil—I worked with the puppeteer (Juliano Antunes) as the voice of the swan in the English version.

“Antunes’ and Powers’ joint performance is altogether fascinating” —

Agamemnon (directed by Gisela Cardenas)

A modern adaptation of the ancient play by Aeschylus. I played the army’s messenger and Aegisthus. Gisela, the director, got a drama desk nomination for the production.

“As the messenger who describes the battles preceding Troy’s fall, Seth Powers gives a volcanically charged portrayal of a man suffering posttraumatic stress syndrome, providing the final necessary layer to this satisfying staging.” —

"The Messenger segment was one of my favorite courses of the delicious meal.  Played with intensity and turbulence by Seth Powers (who also plays Aegistus with sarcastic arrogance), this segment featuring the soldier returning home from the front is especially poignant” —

“…the parallels that the play seeks to draw are apt, and in certain moments they lend the play a terrible intensity, most notably in a long scene with a shellshocked veteran [Seth Powers]”—

as the messenger of the army of Agamemnon

Love is in the Air (directed by Paul Peers, created by Dustin Helmer)

conducting the band
A silent piece of physical theater based in the conventions of silent film. I played the mustachioed villain.

"The tall and dark Seth Powers has an attractive brooding quality (something
like Sawyer on TV's *Lost*) as Boffo Mysterioso" —off-off online
"Powers brings gusto to his role of the moustache-twirling [Boffo
Mysterioso]" —

Actually, this has nothing to do with me.

Do You Like Me Europe? (directed by Erwin Maas, written by Sam Forman)

Presented at an arts festival in Berlinthere was some press, but it’s all in German.